Saber Duel™, LLC was an idea that originally developed from one thing in mind:  SERIOUS COMBAT!  As this idea developed, we also wanted to make sure that our lightsaber builds were just as remarkable on the mantle as they were on the battlefield.  This actually proved to be a little more challenging than we thought, but then that is exactly why we saw a pretty big gap in the industry at the time.  There was a time when the choice was: beautiful and impractical, or practical and not so beautiful. 

All Saber Duel™ lightsabers come combat ready and are built to last a lifetime.  With proper care, our sabers can even be passed down to the force sensitive generations of the future within your family and friends.  Each one of our saber hilts are meticulously inspected and combat tested for quality, functionality, and longevity.  We will never ship a saber that has not been inspected and approved for delivery.  At Saber Duel™, LLC. we want all of our customers to have the best experience possible with the entire purchasing process; from the excitement of making your choices in our collections, to unboxing your Saber Duel™ saber when it arrives at your doorstep.  We are very proud of our saber collections and hope that you will love them just as much as we do.

My Wife and I

John Halsted

Hello, my name is John Halsted and my wife and I started Saber Duel™, LLC because we love dueling with lightsabers and we love the joy they bring to everyone else. We became fascinated with the combat aspect sabers can provide and decided we wanted to build HEAVY DUELING LIGHTSABERS for the enthusiasts like us out there that are indestructible and battle ready, make the dojo more exciting, and basically let everyone have fun with the movies we all grew up with!  We build lightsabers that are actual weapons and that are much more than just show pieces for the mantle.

Andrea Halsted

Andrea Halsted

Description coming soon. Love you hon!!