The Saber Duel JOURNEY MK-1 is one of our most balanced, one/two-handed saber hilts in the entire Saber Duel family.  With its regal emitter down to its elegant pommel, this saber hilt is smooth as glass.  The Saber Duel WEATHERED JOURNEY MK-1 is absolutely amazing!  All of our weathered sabers have a very unique feel to the touch that is both easy to grip, yet never sticks to the hand.  The WEATHERED JOURNEY MK-1 is without a doubt one of the most easily wielded lightsaber hilts you will ever experience.  As with all of our weathered saber hilts, the process is done over several weeks and will have a one-of-a-kind, unique finish with each production.  We will be weathering more Saber Duel JOURNEY MK-1 models in the future and releasing them to the public as they finish the extensive weathering process.  If you have signed up to our newsletter, then you will be notified in advance when one of these extraordinary, weathered hilts become available.

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