The Saber Duel SITH LORD was wielded by the most memorable Imperial Lord in the galaxy.  His voice still echoes in the souls of all who remember him.  This lightsaber hilt embodies all that the dark side incorporates.  The Saber Duel SITH LORD is quite literally the very first lightsaber that any of us laid eyes on!  Tyranny surrounds this hilt as its only desire is to be wielded by the dark side.  We recommend this hilt for light to medium dueling.  The Saber Duel SITH LORD is 11 ½ inches and has been crafted to mirror the lightsaber that that made the very first appearance in our saga.  Only a master of evil can wield this saber.  Have you chosen your path?  Saber Duel recommends a 34-inch blade with this hilt.

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