The Saber Duel 900 is simply named after its 900 year old grand master wielder who taught us all that size matters not.  At just 7 inches in hilt length, the Saber Duel 900 proves that powerful things can come in small packages.  Elegant, refined, and masterfully crafted, this master hilt is ready to be passed down once again to a worthy force wielder.  Because of its size, the Saber Duel 900 is only available in our RGB/Smooth Swing chassis or the affordable Xenopixel, pixel blade chassis.  We recommend this hilt for medium dueling.  This beautiful hilt will take you back to where it all began and is a stunning new addition to the Saber Duel family.  This lightsaber hilt comes with a 7/8 OD blade.  Saber Duel recommends a 32-inch blade with this hilt.

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