Welcome to Saber Duel™, LLC. We have finally opened our doors after an extensive amount of research and development to bring you what we consider some of the toughest, most beautiful sabers in the galaxy.  We hope you will love them as much as all of us here at Saber Duel™.

Saber Duel™ has put together a very unique collection of elegant weapons for heavy dueling and serious combat. Our lightsaber hilts will last a lifetime and bring you continual victories on the battlefield with strength and style like no other.

Our Saber Duel™ Collections will help guide you towards the saber of your dreams and continue to expand as we develop more and more beautiful saber hilts for your collection.  We offer traditional RGB sabers, Proffieboard OS6 sabers, and of course the ever-so dominant GHv3 Phase 4 soundboard.  We also provide plenty of accessories to compliment all of our saber lines.  We hope you have a great shopping experience and come back often.

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