The Saber Duel STARKILLER KYBER is designed to resemble the twin lightsabers wielded by the famous clone apprentice of Lord Vader.  Though this weapon was originally duel wielded with another, the Saber Duel STARKILLER KYBER is perfect for two-handed combat by itself.  This hilt has a silver and black finish with a beautiful open crystal chamber at the grip.  The open crystal chamber displays the kyber crystal inside that glows the same color as the blade.  We recommend this hilt for light to medium dueling.  The Saber Duel STARKILLER KYBER is the same build as its predecessor, the Saber Duel STARKILLER, which has a closed crystal chamber in the hilt.  We recommend a 34-inch blade with this new addition to the Saber Duel Family.

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